Sunday, June 26, 2016

Jennifer Lopez glows at Beautiful musical after Ben Affleck blames her for career low

Ben Affleck again blamed Jennifer Lopez for his career low a decade ago when stopping by HBO's Any Given Wednesday With Bill Simmons this week.

But on Saturday evening the 46-year-old stunner looked far from ruffled as she attended Beautiful: The Carole King musical in New York City.

The Shades Of Blue actress glowed in a topknot and dark red lipstick.

Lopez had on a low-cut white shirt that showed off her tanned decolletage and some very fitted blue jeans.

A fringed beige jacket in suede gave her a Country & Western vibe as did blue platform heels.

Tinted aviators added a cool factor as did large diamond stud earrings.

The star looked impressively refreshed after a long week of shooting her NBC hit Shades Of Blue in Manhattan.

It is not known if Jenny From The Block went to the musical alone or with beau Casper Smart.

When on the HBO show Ben revealed that 'wife' Jennifer Garner helped him to get his career back on track by directing such films as The Town and Argo after a dismal few years following his split from Lopez.

By using that term, Ben is perhaps fueling speculation that he and Jennifer are back together.

Ben and Garner seemed closer than ever in May as they enjoyed a family vacation in Paris with their three children, Violet, 10, Seraphina, seven, and Samuel, four.

The couple was even seen kissing in the hotel bar, an eyewitness told

Their divorce is expected to be final this summer, according to

Jennifer is playing it cool. 'She seems adamant about going through with it. She denies that she is back with Ben. She actually almost laughs when asked,' an insider said.

Ben's intentions were clearly heartfelt as he described how Jennifer supported him during his career lows.

'My wife was really instrumental and helpful in me doing a lot of that work because I was just so focused [on it] and it was harder to balance family and all that.'

During his relationship with Jennifer Lopez in the early 2000s, Ben was basically a joke in the eyes of his peers and public.

The actor described the backlash his relationship with Lopez had on his career and his psyche during his interview, teling Simmons, 'I wasn't cool and I wasn't talented.'

Ben and J.Lo were the golden couple that everyone couldn't get enough of, he the handsome actor, she the glamorous pop star.

Things just didn't seem right, even in Ben's estimation, and after they called quits on their engagement in 2004, after two years together, he found himself at a miserable low.

'If you went by what people said... I wasn't cool and I wasn't talented,' Ben recalled. 'I was, like, the lowest rung of cool and talented that you could possibly be in the public consciousness at that time.

'I had broken up with Jennifer Lopez and I had, like, three or four movies in a row that had bombed.'

Gigli and Jersey Girl were, and still are, considered box office bombs.

The curse of 'Bennifer' trailed Affleck for a spell, but just when he thought it couldn't get worse comedian Robert Wuhl used him as a sort of human dartboard in his comedy act that was shown on board United Airlines flights.

'So that guy had to look around and go, "Who's below me that I can sh*t on?" And he picked me,' Ben said of the New Jersey-born comic.

'He did a whole bit about me that I saw on United Airlines and I [thought], "This is it, it really doesn't get much worse than this."'

Ben continued: 'That was where I found myself when I thought, "Hey, I want to take up directing, which is for people that are taken seriously." That became my mantra - "I'm just going to work harder than everybody else."'

The other Jennifer - Ben's Daredevil co-star Jennifer Garner - walked into his life and a resurgence was born.

Affleck has had critical and box office success with movies such as The Town and Argo, and the actor-director credits a lot of that to Jennifer.

The couple wed in 2005 and became the parents of three, daughters Violet and Seraphina, and son Samuel.

Ben and Jennifer split in June of last year but maintain a friendly family relationship.

Although Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice didn't earn rave reviews among the critics, it was enough of a box office success - $871 million worldwide to date - to warrant a sequel.

Ben will be back as the Caped Crusades in Justice League, slated for a 2017 release, with a Part Two planned to open two years later in 2019.

He is currently filming reshoots for Prohibition-era crime drama Live By Night in Pasadena, California.

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