Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Is That How She Keeps So Slim? Jennifer Lopez Admits To Eating A 'Chocolate Cookie Almost Every Day'

American Idol judge Jennifer Lopez has made the confession that she likes to eat a chocolate cookie every day.

The star, who has an amazing figure, made the revelation when she was put on the spot and asked to give five facts about her that no one knew.

In amongst the well known facts that her children are her life and that she's a hopeless romantic, Jennifer said:

"I eat a chocolate cookie almost every day."

Meanwhile, Jennifer's ex husband Marc Anthony has insisted that there is no animosity between himself and Casper Smart.

Instead, the singer - who is dad to twins Max and Emme with Jennifer - revealed that he "is really good friends" with Jen's beau. Appearing on the Wendy Williams show, Marc, who is thought to have recently split from Chloe Green, said:

"It's great. As a matter of fact, we were texting back and forth two days ago. We're actually really, really good friends. From the very beginning."

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He added: "When you love someone and you care for someone...Jennifer and I - I don't say it lightly - we're great friends. You know, anybody that means anything to her means something to me. That's keeping it simple."

Crediting Casper for the way that he is around his children, Marc went on to add:

"Casper's a great guy. He's been great to my children. And I have nothing but respect for him, absolutely nothing but respect."

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