Monday, December 30, 2013

Britney Spears Says She Loves Jennifer Lopez And Wants To Act

Britney Spears has been exercising her superstardom with the opening of her Las Vegas show "Piece of Me." However, the process allowed her to reflect on her career and the stars whom she respects the most -- notably, Jennifer Lopez.

The pop singer spoke with E! about her favorite movies, including "We're the Millers" and "Bridesmaids," and made a special note about one of her favorite actresses, JLo. "I also love Jennifer Lopez movies," she said. "I love Jennifer Lopez."

It would appear as though Spears admires Lopez's ability to excel as both a singer and an actress. The "Perfume" singer explained that she wants to get back into acting, herself. After her 2002 movie "Crossroads," Spears has guest starred on both "Will & Grace" and "How I Met Your Mother." "I would love to do movies," she told E! "If it was the right part, it would be really cool … I love funny movies."

It appears Spears' affection isn't unrequited. Jennifer Lopez tweeted at the "Piece of Me" star:

This isn't the first time that Spears has spoken out about JLo. In a 2011 interview with Now magazine, the singer gushed, "Jennifer Lopez is my idol -- she's so beautiful and even though she's gotten older, she hasn't aged at all. She looks more amazing than ever and I really admire and respect that."

Jennifer Lopez is as hot as ever? I guess that's something we all can respect.

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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sing like Jennifer Lopez with VCSD 8.0

Do you want to sing like Jennifer Lopez? Its very simple, just follow the tutorial below.

Next, following the instruction below.

Note: AV Voice Changer Software Diamond 8.0 is total free with demo version. To enjoy fully all functions of Voice Changer Software 8.0, you need to buy Voice Changer Software Diamond 8.0 Full Version at $99.95

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Step 1: Prepare Jennifer Lopez’s voice file

You can search and download a short MP3 or WAV of J.LO voice as a sample voice.
This voice will serve as the target voice to which your voice will be modulated by Voice Changer Software, we'll refer to it as the sample voice.

Step 2: Open VCSD 8.0 Comparator

- Run VCSD 8.0 >> Click Preferences on menu bar or Voice Comparator (1) icon on main panel

Step 3: Import the Jennifer Lopez’s sample voice into Comparator
In the Voice section, click the Add (2) button to open the Voice Import dialog box.
- Click on the Browse (3) button and choose the sample voice file you have just downloaded above.
- In the Person box (4), type in a name for the female voice as “Jennifer Lopez voice
- Type what she says in the .WAV file into the Phrase field(5).
- Click the Import (6) button to save and close the Import panel.

Step 4: Record your voice and start the voice comparison
In the Voice Comparator dialog box:
- The new sample voice you have just added will appear at the Voice section (7).
- Click the Record button (8) and speak into the microphone the text you typed in the Phrase field.
- The recording process lasts in appropriate time and will stop automatically.
- Your voice should be clear and loud enough.
- You should start to speak right after hitting the Record button.
- Try to imitate the tone of the recording voice for best comparing performance.
- The comparison will immediately start after your recording is done. Check the result in the Similarity section.
- Click the Auto button (9) to automatically select the best similar parameter to the voice sample.
- Click OK (10) to apply the settings and close the Voice Comparator.

The morpher settings will be applied into the Pitch and Timbre graph of Voice Morpher module on main panel.

Step 5: Advanced – Improve output quality with Equalizer

In the Equalizer module at the bottom of main panel:
- Click Preset and select Soft.

Tip: In most cases, the Soft preset works well. But if it does not, try the other ones or load your own settings. You can click the Reset command to discard the changes made by the preset.

Step 6: Advanced – Remove the noise of  the output voice

If you feel that the output voice has background noise, follow this step to eliminate them. But firstly, you are recommended to save your current morphing settings, click the Save button on the Voice Morpher module on the main panel to save them. The saved file will keep all the settings that are being applied in VCS.
- Click on Preferences on menu bar >> Sound Quality.
- Turn on the Limiter (1) and Noise Reduction sections (2), then slightly adjust these parameters: Release, Attack, Reduction, and Threshold until the noise is less dominant.

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Download the Susan Boyle’s voice file from here. This voice will serve as the target voice to which your voice will be modulated by Voice Changer Software, we'll refer to it as the sample voice.
- See more at:
Step 1: Prepare Susan Boyle’s voice file
Step 1: Prepare Susan Boyle’s voice file
Step 1: Prepare Susan Boyle’s voice file